Ksenia & Robert
"The great video and film crew that the guys made us and put together became a hit of family celebrations - at any meeting or birthday someone will sooner or later release them
We were with rather demanding customers, but with Wedding Art Studio we did not have any complaints. Very hardworking, extremely competent and friendly. Even before leaving the night, they would fly around the room with a list of all the details on which the shots depended and made sure that they had everything shot. And the effect: a really wonderful video! Plus a great and problem-free contact at every stage.
Thank you for commemorating our wedding and wedding in such a wonderful way! "

Sonia & Lucjan
,, Great Team :) :) :) If you want to have a unique souvenir from this one of the most important days in your life, WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND !!! They are people with passion ... Professional, creative, full of energy, patience and commitment to this yet great contact ..
The music video CudoOooo .. Every time I watch it I do not believe it's my Fairy Tale .. Perfectly matched details, perfectly matched music and beautifully captured emotions .. Fulfilling Dreams 🙂
Thank you for immortalizing us for such important moments ... "

Justyna & Piotr
"At the beginning of the wedding preparations, we gave up the cameraman (because we do not like to be filmed) ... BUT thankfully, some time before the wedding we changed our mind 🙂 And so during the search we came across this GREAT two cameramen! We could not get better. The guys did great. Virtually invisible during the whole day which is a big plus, and yet the highest quality material 🙂 Music and film make a sensation among our guests!
If you care for a PROFESSIONAL, MODERN and DONE WITH PASSION, a souvenir from this day in the form of a film - I wholeheartedly RECOMMEND the Wedding Art Studio team!
Satisfied customers Justyna and Piotr 🙂) "

Aleksandra & Mateusz
"A great team!
I did not think that after the unlucky situation with the previous photographer, I would meet such delightful people who make the most important day in My life the most beautiful one. Irreplaceable TRIO that met my strange demands, Yes ... now I realize that they were very strange. Hard-working like ants, I did not feel their presence at all during the whole ceremony.
I will write it again - Teledysk-PETARDA! every time I watch it, it feels like 12 August was yesterday. Ideally selected details, music ahh .. you could write about your topic.
Thank you very much to everyone for putting so much work and effort on such a day that is so important to Me! I recommend 100% "

Natalia & Seweryn
,,Lovely !!!!
If you are looking for people who will turn your memories from this beautiful and wonderful day into a beautiful souvenir for a lifetime, we highly recommend TEAM from WEDDING ART STUDIO who are the wizards of remembrance. Every moment with them was magical, from the very beginning they understood us without words. They met our expectations in 100 billion. The film we got is marvelous and shows all the beautiful moments from this important day, while the pictures give in every way Our happiness. The word that comes to our minds is PROFESSIONALISM in every detail. Thank you very much and I highly recommend it. "

Patrycja & Daniel
,, Thank you for the great photos and video, you can see in them not only professionalism or high quality, there is primarily a passion and love in them and a big commitment on your part. Thanks to you, we will remember for the rest of your life all the wonderful moments that you have captured for us. Your works are the best advertisement for you. Thank you again, you are great "

Justyna & Adrian
"Thank you for the lovable and professional cooperation! 🙂 We recommend cooperation with Wedding Art Studio to all those who want to keep beautiful moments forever. 🙂 Thank you again and best regards 🙂 "

Zuzanna & Paweł
,, Amazing Duo !!! Łukasz & Dawid! They work as if they have known each other forever, without words, sometimes even without a glance they understand each other perfectly - on preparations, during wedding ceremonies and throughout the wedding, they are practically imperceptible, and the material they capture - knocks legs not only in terms of perfection, but above all, ingenuity !!
Cooperation with this duo hit by accident, we did not want the cameraman for a wedding long, because "why do we need to watch how Aunt and Uncle eat a pork chop". Ah, today, we can not imagine that they would not be with us on this most beautiful day of our Wedding and Wedding!
The devoted reportage material is a few minutes of the music video - the quintessence of the whole day, plus a film (45 min) of the most important moments in an incredibly ingenious, because at the same time classic, but also a unique form of wonderful memories.
The whole wedding and wedding flew at a cosmic pace. The next day after weddings, we knew with my husband that we were able to give away any money for any tangible memories. And we received, and not ordinary, because PERFECTLY assembled.
Mega open guys, funny, harmonious, with mega ideas and meeega positive attitude!
This is not a fairy tale when you look at the cameraman and see how he counts down the hours to the end to return home.
Our decision, our great satisfaction! Let me take her too and decide on this DUET!
Zuza & Paweł 04.02.17 "